Dialogue Module

2.2 Definitions

Have a look at the definition for Dialogue below and fill in the missing words.

A deeply 1.______ form of communication in which participants feel 2. ____ to speak freely about their perspectives and experiences, and are 3.____ to hearing and understanding the perspectives and experiences of others present, even if they 4._____ or come from very 5. _____.

1. Fixed, Collaborative, Deliberative

2. Obliged, Safe, Inspired

3.  Open, Privy, Accustomed

4. Offend, Disagree, Misunderstand

5. Similar positions, Unexpected places, Different backgrounds


For each question, decide whether it is Debate, Dialogue or Deliberation

1. In what process do we seek to build understanding and relationships?

2. In what process do participants weigh options and negotiate choices?

3. In what process is the outcome ‘win/lose’?


Now check our answers below:

Paired sheet