Dialogue Module

2.8 Reframing activity

For each category, give an example of the confrontational or obstructive comment and a way this can be framed into an open question. We will provide the original examples as a guide:

You vs We Statement

‘You don’t understand enough about STEM cell research’ ->
‘What are the barriers to understanding STEM cell research?’

Past problems vs Future solutions

‘Last time they didn’t inform us of the changes they made!’ ->
‘How can we improve communication methods?’

Closed vs Open Statement

‘Genetic modification is just wrong. Plain and simple.’ ->
‘How might we tackle our problems of food security?’

General vs Specific

‘That’s the government’s responsibility!’ ->
‘What could happen at a local level to improve things?’

Personalised vs Depersonalised

‘The councilor didn’t listen to us, he’s being influenced by big oil’ ->
‘How should we deal with conflicting interests?’

Threat vs Affirmation
‘I want to see someone fired!’ ->
‘What could have happened differently?’