3.11 Bonus Homework

If possible, attend a museum or exhibition that is focused on a topic you know very little about and have very little interest in (military or fashion might be applicable). Then consider:

  • How does it feel to be in that space? Do you feel like you belong?
  • Do the displays engage you? Why? Or why not?
  • Read all the content of one section. Can you identify a hierarchy of messages?  Do you agree with how it’s been structured?

Recommended resources:

To learn more about science capital, read the paper below. This follows the experiences of underprivileged ethnic minorities at a science museum.

Not Designed for Us – Emily Dawson

Read the study that the story of Mr. Okello’s class was extracted from below.

Student Engagement with Science through Field

To learn more about the PAS Survey you can find the reports below. In particular the report from 2011 describes the six segments of the public.