After careful examination of expert advice and projections, we have decided to continue as planned and will host the summer school in Malta between 18 – 26 July. Should the situation change, we will aim to postpone the school to a date later in 2020, rather than cancel completely.

While we are confident STEAM will be able to go ahead, we have put some new policies in place and make the following recommendations to protect our participants.

Refundable registration fee

Should we postpone the summer school for any reason, your registration fee will be fully refundable. We will contact you to inform you of any postponement and if you are unable to attend the new date, you can request an immediate refund.

Reserve STEAM accommodation for free

If you choose to reserve a place within our accommodation, we are happy for you to defer payment until 12 June.

Note: To ensure places are available to those attending, only participants who have paid their registration fee will be able to reserve STEAM accommodation. Participants who have successfully obtained a grant will have accommodation provided automatically.


In most cases travel is not refundable and so we do not recommend booking travel until restrictions in Malta are lifted. We will update registered participants as soon as travel in Malta returns to normal and you can book with more certainty.

If you are eager to book travel early, we recommend purchasing travel insurance which includes an event cancellation clause. Unfortunately, most providers will not cover cancellations due to Covid-19 so please check carefully. There are also a number of airlines that are willing to waive fees for flight changes for a short time. Most have only offered this for flights up until May / June, so again, please check carefully.

Grant application extension

We have extended the deadlines for our grant application by two weeks. You can now apply up until the 20 April.


  • The summer school should go ahead as planned between 18 – 26 July
  • DO book your place and pay your refundable registration fee / apply for a grant if eligible
  • DO reserve your accommodation with us and defer payment until 12 June
  • DON’T book travel, until we update you that restrictions have been lifted

Any questions should be sent to: