Our new digital school

In response to Covid-19, we’ve adapted our STEAM school to take place entirely digitally. This means not only can you attend from anywhere in the world but we’ve also reduced our fees significantly. STEAM has never been more accessible!

Join us between the 18 – 23 January 2021 for our main course. Running between 9AM to 5PM, there will be online classes, group and paired work and one-to-one chats. We’ve translated all our usual sessions to work online and added some beneficial twists. We’ve also been careful to schedule in some individual assignments and plenty of short breaks to avoid screen fatigue!

More practice time

One beneficial twist is giving our participants more time to work on their final theatre piece. Usually we’re restricted by the number of days people can spend in Malta and so participants must pull together their performance in a short time frame. In our digital edition, you’ll have an additional two weeks to practice together in your own time. We’ll run a rehearsal on the 30 Jan where you’ll get feedback from experts and you’ll run your performance on 6 Feb. Here’s a break down of the schedule:

Main school: 18 – 23 Jan (9AM – 5PM)
Rehearsal: 30 Jan
Performance: 6 Feb
Graduation ceremony: 7 Feb

Interacting online

One of the main benefits of STEAM Summer School is the opportunity to develop your performance skills in a comfortable, friendly environment, building confidence and allowing you to perform in front of a real audience. We’ve come up with some innovative methods to ensure our online version still delivers this fantastic experience.

Similarly, an important aspect of the school is the network and friendships developed with the staff and your fellow participants. Despite being online, we will be retaining our diverse social programme, with events on each evening during the main week. We will also be expanding our usual field trip which normally takes us to one science centre in Malta. This edition you will be able to see behind the scenes of several scientific and cultural organisations in one day without even leaving the house!

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