We are hosting a STEAM conference! 2018 will be a special year for STEAM as we celebrate our final year as an EU-funded project. We will therefore be hosting a conference on the 14th July  to celebrate our achievements and promote the future of science communication through STEM & the Arts. Our  STEAM conference will be hosted at the University of Malta campus in Valletta, the capital of culture for 2018. So join us there for a full day of engaging talks, workshops and networking with science communication enthusiasts from around the globe.

Our STEAM Summer School alumni will be one focus of the conference but we are also inviting anyone with an interest in STEAM to come and promote their current projects and ideas. We are looking for:

  • Science communication professionals
  • STEM Educators
  • EU Project Coordinators
  • STEM postgraduate students and researchers
  • Artists / creatives with a passion for STEM

In addition to the conference we will be hosting a seminar for STEM educators on the evening of the 13th July. This seminar will include insightful talks related to the STEAM ethos: combining STEM and the arts for delivering better, more engaging science communication to students.

What is STEAM?

STEAM is an EU project funded through ERASMUS+ and lead by the University of Malta. The STEAM consortium brings together outstanding higher education institutions, science communication companies, and a European-wide network of science journalists to exchange best practice and train students and researchers to engage with the public.

We introduce an innovative form of education that includes Arts into the classical STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Interactive experiments and informal learning with the use of creativity and arts are the key ingredients of our approach. Our ultimate goals are to improve science awareness and develop informed opinions, increase student uptake of STEM careers for high-level jobs, stimulate the socio-economic wellbeing of partner countries, and enhance the transferable skills of current researchers.

At the 2018 conference we will be hearing from STEAM alumni about the great achievements they have made since attending our summer school as well as unleashing our expanded website, crammed with resources produced through the STEAM project. These resources will include science communication toolkits detailing how to set up and run your own scicomm event as well as downloadable experiments for teachers and science demonstrators.