STEAM allows you to put learning into practice in a supportive environment.

At STEAM we believe in learning by doing.

Over the 9-day course you and your fellow participants will design, deliver and evaluate a STEAM event. At each stage, our expert speakers will provide the background knowledge needed and our practical sessions will help you develop your skills. You’ll then immediately put this into practice by applying it to your end of course event delivered in front of a real public audience.

Our supportive environment ensures you will succeed by:

  • Providing the infrastructure for you to build your STEAM event on
  • Offering round the clock contact time with our facilitators
  • Targeted workshops to build your confidence and performance skills
  • Freedom to explore your creativity
  • A diverse cohort of fellow participants to learn from!

Our structure means we cater to everyone regardless of experience

Why travel all the way to Malta for a lecture you could have watched at home or already know the content of?

Over the years, STEAM has tried and tested its methods to ensure that everyone can get the most out of our course. We have since adopted a ‘flipped-classroom’ approach. We provide a lot of the basics of science communication in online modules that you can access as soon as you register. Beginners (or those who feel they have a few gaps in their knowledge) can prepare in advance, at their own pace, so that by the time we meet in Malta we’re all on the same page. This means we can make the most of the full 9 days by doing the things we can only do together. That includes:

More 1-2-1 time with our facilitators
More practical sessions and group work
More time to really test and develop your skills!

Learn more about the topics our online course covers below.