Join in the summer school just before the ecsite conference  

In 2023 we have moved our summer school to time with the Ecsite Conference, which will be hosted in Malta this year, making it easier to attend both and reducing unnecessary travel. This has given us an opportunity to open up our school for conference delegates to join in in some of the activities. Get involved in one of the three ways below. 

Join the full programme

If you are attending the Ecsite Conference we are offering a significant discount on our registration fee, reducing it from €700 to €500! Simply fill in the form below with proof of your attendance to Ecsite and we will send a special registration link with the reduced fee. This discount is available until the end of registration.

Volunteer for the steam event

From Wednesday 7 June onwards we will be busy putting together our STEAM event. If you’re interested in being part of it you can help out either with the event preparation and logistics, or you could provide feedback in our dress rehearsals. Let us know your specific interests via the form below.

Join our social events

We are inviting conference delegates to join in any of our social activities. If you are heading to Malta early and would like to pop in to one or more of these events, just get in touch via the form below. Some of these events might include a fee for pre-booking but this will be specified in the form.