NOTE: Our STEAM School is not running as a face-to-face programme for the time being. You can read below to learn about how our course normally runs or find out about our new digital school here.

Our STEAM Programme

STEAM Summer School is a face-to-face programme that will take place over 9 days in Malta. It will offer participants the unique opportunity to put science communication in practice, designing and delivering their own event as well as the communications that surround it. Each day workshops with our experts will help you develop new skills in science communication and in the afternoon you’ll apply your new techniques to your group assignment. Have a look at our basic programme outline for more information.

To attend the school you will need to arrange travel to Malta, purchase a ticket and arrange accommodation. You are welcome to arrange your own accommodation or take advantage of our discounted group booking. Please note we only have limited spaces in our accommodation.

Our Flipped Classroom Structure

At STEAM we are all about the most innovative practices, which is why we are constantly evaluating and improving what we do. To this end we have changed our original summer school by splitting it into two parts: a multimedia online course and a highly practical, face-to-face 9-day programme. The online course will focus on knowledge acquisition, providing you with all the background information on the topics we cover. Meanwhile the summer school will build on this knowledge through critical thinking and practical application, allowing you to develop your skills in an immersive and unique environment.

We hope that by splitting the programme in this way we will achieve the following:

  • Make our content more accessible – Those who cannot attend the school for any reason will still be able to access the online course as a stand-alone. We will provide the online content at a much lower cost than the summer school and those who purchase a ticket to the school will have access to it at no extra charge.
  • Provide a stepping stone to STEAM Summer School – We realise taking 9 days out of your time and flying to Malta is a big commitment! If you are not yet sure you want to invest in the face-to-face programme, our online course will give you a taste of what we cover and a chance to try your hand at science communication before you decide to take it further.
  • Cater to different backgrounds – At STEAM our unique approach of combining STEM with the Arts means we have a lot to offer, not only to those new to science communication but even to STEM educators and SciComm professionals. Providing an online course will allow everyone to get up to speed no matter their background and means we will all be building from a similar foundation at the school.
  • Allow you to set your own pace – Having our content online and accessible, anywhere and at any time, will allow you to learn at your own pace and no one else’s. You can give more time to the content that’s new to you while skimming over the content you already know. You can even go back to concepts you find difficult and review them.
  • Allow time to absorb the content – 9 days is not a lot of time, especially when trying to take in a wealth of new information, whilst applying this practically. Gaining this background knowledge before the school will allow you time to let it sink in before putting it into practice.
  • Have more time for skills development – With the background knowledge already learnt, at the school itself we will have more time to focus purely on application. You will be performing real science communication work, putting on a public engagement event and promoting this through national media channels, giving you an authentic opportunity to hone your skills.
  • More time with our instructors – Feedback is an important part of learning and improving, so the more time we have to see you putting your knowledge into practice, the more guidance we can give you. While there are some general tips to doing good science communication, it’s difficult to know what particular challenges you might face when you apply them. Face to face instruction can help you tackle this.
  • A unique experience tailored to you – We hope that through the online course we can get to know you a little better, even before you attend the school. We’re interested in which areas you already have strong talent in and which we can work on more with you. What you hope to get out of the school and therefore what kind of assignments you might be interested in. With this knowledge, we can help you achieve your individual goals and get more out of the experience.

In summary, we feel that studying a new subject is something that is best done as an individual at your own pace. You do not need to travel to Malta to attend a lecture when you can simply watch it from the comfort of your own home, with the opportunity to rewind and add subtitles when you need to. What you can’t get from anywhere however, is the authentic experience of putting that new knowledge into practice and the face-to-face guidance from experts who are helping you develop your skills. This is the real value in our summer school and it’s what we want to focus on most.