Dialogue Module

2.3 Why engage through Dialogue?

Dialogue provides a safe, inclusive space where no area of discussion is inhibited. Because of this, it allows us to:

  • Have meaningful conversations between opposing sides of an issue
  • Explore sensitive topics productively, pooling the knowledge of all involved
  • Highlight the true complexities of the issue and create a holistic picture
  • Expose any common ground and establish respect and trust between parties

Historically, dialogue has been used as a means for conflict resolution. It can bring people from opposing sides together and help them understand each other’s concerns as well as find some common ground. In the context of engagement with science, it can help discuss controversial topics such as climate change, STEM cell research, animal research and so on.

Additionally, because it allows exploration of all perspectives, it facilitates deliberation. When everyone’s experiences are included and all issues are raised, it is much easier to come to a mutually agreeable outcome. This outcome is not only likely to be a better option overall, it is also less likely to meet resistance from the wider population.